H5P activities list

This book includes 172 H5P activities. Only those which have been inserted into book content will be included if the book is cloned.

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1Orbit - AdductorsMark the Words
2Orbit - Adductors of EyeballMark the Words
4Orbit - AdductorsMark the Words
5Orbit - AbductorsMark the Words
6Orbit - Medial RotatorsMark the Words
7Orbit - Lateral RotatorsMark the Words
8Orbit - ElevatorsMark the Words
9Orbit - DepressorsMark the Words
10Orbit - nasolacrimal duct fibFill in the Blanks
11Orbit - Layers of Eye - orderingDrag Text
12Orbit - Match structure with layerFlashcards
13Orbit - Match structure with function (eyeball structures)Drag Text
14Orbit - First Layer Light Hits/m/cMultiple Choice
15Orbit - Innervation of Smooth Muscle in the EyeSingle Choice Set
16Orbit - Ethmoid Bone, frontal, hot spotFind the Hotspot
17Orbit - Sphenoid Bone, sagittal, hot spotFind the Hotspot
18Orbit - Inferior Orbital Fissure, sagittal, hot spotFind the Hotspot
19Orbit - Orbital Fascial LayersDrag Text
20Orbit - nasolacrimal DuctFill in the Blanks
21Orbit - eyelid muscles and innervationSingle Choice Set
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