2 Group Effort Analysis

Group Effort Analysis (GEA) Rubric





Attendance and punctuality at meetings Member frequently absent or late, and did not inform or contact team about absence or tardiness Member present and on time at most meetings/lectures. When absence necessary, often informed team members and worked to resolve issues associated with absence. Present and punctual at all meetings/ lectures and communicated if any extenuating circumstances or irregularity occurred.
Participation in data collection, data analysis Member did not actively participate in discussion and did not contribute to group progress. Most of the time made an attempt to understand the assignment and participates in the discussion. Meaningfully participated in all discussions, anticipated future needs of the group, and took initiative in monitoring group progress.
Preparedness for meetings Did not prepare prior to class/group meeting. Most of the time prepared prior to meeting time with ideas/questions to discuss. Came prepared for all meetings with ideas/questions to discuss.
Ability to listen to ideas/concerns of others Did not listen to or attempted to ignore ideas or concerns of others. Consistently dominated or withdrew from discussions. Patiently and actively listened to ideas and concerns of others most of the time Helped develop an atmosphere in the group where everyone’s ideas and concerns are heard by modeling patient and active listening.
Ability to cooperate and/or compromise Practiced competitive, uncooperative group behaviors that inhibited the group from achieving goals. Worked cooperatively most of the time and compromised to help group achieve goals. Welcomed discussion and critique of ideas in a supportive, cooperative positive environment. Worked to overcome negative, competitive group dynamics if necessary. Encouraged group to maintain high standards of group conduct.
Participation in project planning Member did not actively participate in discussion and did not contribute to planning project. Made an attempt to understand the assignment and participate in the discussion. Contributed meaningfully and participated in all discussions to plan the project.


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