H5P activities list

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ID Title Activity type Show/Hide
2Lab 1: Radiology PresentationCourse Presentation
3Lab 1: Planes of Motion and Axes of RotationFill in the Blanks
4Lab 1: Prone and SupineCourse Presentation
5Lab 1: Anatomical TerminologyFill in the Blanks
6Lab 1: Bony MarkingsAgamotto
7Spinal CordAgamotto
8Spinal CordColumn
9Spinal Cord EngagementsGuess the Answer
11Trunk WallAgamotto
13Rib ArticulationGuess the Answer
14Vertebral Column FeaturesColumn
15Muscles of RespirationImage Slider
16Heart: Internal Structures (Does not include vessels)Dialog Cards
17Trachea and Lungs Knowledge CheckDialog Cards
18Thoracic Cross Sectional AnatomyDialog Cards
19Thoracic RadiologyDialog Cards
21Biliary Tree Drag and Drop Interactive ActivityDrag and Drop
22Cross-Sectional Anatomy of the AbdomenDialog Cards
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