Planning for Instructional Contingencies

UW-Madison has recently released updates about UW-Madison’s COVID-19 public health efforts. Instructors will be asked to shift to alternative modes of instruction from March 23 until at least Friday, April 10.

There is a large and growing body of literature on teaching effectively online, and it’s important to know that effective instructional practices often differ in online contexts. However, in a contingency situation where the shift to online instruction is unanticipated, it will not be possible to implement all of the best practices that would usually be involved in an online course.

The following pages contain some considerations and strategies for online instruction. In MTLE, we often talk about the importance of manageable change, and these resources are intended to help you shift to online instruction in ways that center student needs while also recognizing the uniqueness of this situation.

As the University provides additional guides and support—and as you and your colleagues share the resources that have been most useful for you—we will share them here.

We’ll update this guide frequently.

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