H5P activities list

ID Title Activity type View
1Subject-verb AgreementQuestion Set
7Passive to Active VoiceSingle Choice Set
8la lésineMultiple Choice
9Choisissez la phrase ci-dessous qui est correcte:Multiple Choice
10Baudelaire Au lecteur p.1 ex.2bEssay
11Multiple choice - multiple correct answers count for a single pointMultiple Choice
12Multiple choice - response displays an answer out of threeMultiple Choice
13Multiple choice version 3 - multiple correct answers count for a single pointMultiple Choice
14Multiple choice version 3 - single correct answer counts for a single pointMultiple Choice
15Single Choice Set Example - comparison with multiple choiceSingle Choice Set
16Lang Dialogue Activity 1Single Choice Set
17Lang Dialogue Activity 2Mark the Words
18Lang Dialogue Activity 3Mark the Words
19Lang Pluralization ActivityFill in the Blanks
20Lang Audio Recognition ActivityDrag Text
21Spanish Vocab ImageFind Multiple Hotspots
22Lang Dialogue Cards Audio FlashcardDialog Cards
23Lang Audio RecordingAudio Recorder
24Lang Speak the Words ActivitySpeak the Words
25Lang Speak the Words ActivitySpeak the Words Set
26Lang - Vocabulary ImageImage Hotspots
27Vocabulary FlashcardsFlashcards
28Lang - Documentation tool example (Rosa Mistika)Documentation Tool
29Lang - Multiple choice (Rosa Mistika)Question Set
30Interactive VideoInteractive Video
31Interactive VideoInteractive Video
32test testDocumentation Tool
33Student Paper Conference Discussion SheetDocumentation Tool
34TitleMark the Words
35Quizlet EmbedIframe Embedder
36Wolfram Alpha - Distance WidgetIframe Embedder
37Kahoot EmbedIframe Embedder
38TriciderIframe Embedder
39Google Doc - Share Ideas (Introduction)Iframe Embedder
40Self-Test: Biocore Grammar and StyleQuestion Set
41E242 Padlet ExampleIframe Embedder
42Quizlet Embed - Plant MorphologyIframe Embedder
43Glossary InstructionsInteractive Video
44Siftr - CloudsIframe Embedder
45Siftr - Campus WildlifeIframe Embedder
46Demo hotspot diagram - Exhibit CatalogueImage Hotspots
47Image hotspot - Madison arboretumImage Hotspots
48GoogleDoc - OER Models Contribution PageIframe Embedder
49Googledoc - OER Readings Contribution PageIframe Embedder
50Wisconsin Flora and FaunaFlashcards
51Guided Recording - Spanish countingAudio Recorder
52Guided Recording - Spanish countingAudio Recorder
53Guided Recording - Spanish countingAudio Recorder
54Bats - Quizlet embedIframe Embedder
55Bats - Quizlet embedIframe Embedder
56Siftr Campus Map HotspotImage Hotspots
57Siftr embed - UW-Madison imagesIframe Embedder
58E100 Student Writing Awards - IframeIframe Embedder
59JuxtaCommonsIframe Embedder
60Lightbox Customization InformationImage Hotspots
61Charles Dickens - image hotspot zoomImage Hotspots
62Our Mutual Friend Novel - advertisement hotspotImage Hotspots
63Victorian Advertisement Hotspot ActivityImage Hotspots
64Coolors Color ResourceIframe Embedder
65quiz exampleMultiple Choice
66MLA Citation Practice - Citing a BookDrag Text
67Wisconsin Flora and FaunaFlashcards
68H5P Virtual Tour Example - Madison WIVirtual Tour (360)
69H5P Virtual Tour Example - ExhibitVirtual Tour (360)
70(Large) Survey: What do you annotate?Iframe Embedder
71(Large) Survey - Do you write in library books?Iframe Embedder
72(Large) Survey: What do you use to write or draw in texts?Iframe Embedder
73(Large) Survey: Why do you write or draw in texts?Iframe Embedder
74Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Set 1 - Subject Follows VerbQuestion Set
75Subject-Verb Agreement Practice Set 2 - "each, "both/and," and "neitherQuestion Set
77Find the Error Temperature 3 (Accordion Tool)Accordion
78Find the Error Temperature 1 (Juxtaposition Tool)Image Juxtaposition
79Find the Error Temperature 2 (Fill-In-The-Blanks)Fill in the Blanks
80Find the Error O2 #1 (Accordion)Accordion
81Find the Error O2 #2 (Image Juxtaposition)Image Juxtaposition
82Find the Error O2 #3 (Accordion)Accordion
83Embedding an H5P Activity Hosted in Pressbooks Into CanvasInteractive Video