Sourcebook Goals

This is an evolving resource intended to provide inspiration for instructors who use Open Educational Resources for their teaching.

This guide is currently in the open creation stage, meaning that it is in-progress, but openly licensed.[1] In other words, this is a resource in flux: we will be composing, revising, and reorganizing these materials over the course of the coming months.

Below is a list of the tasks in progress:

  • Crowdsource and compose original content
  • Copy edit
  • Update links as appropriate
  • Add additional screenshots and images
  • Check for accessibility

How to Contribute

There are multiple ways to contribute to this text.

  1. You can use the annotation sidebar to leave comments on individual sections of text.
  2. You can contribute feedback using some of the embedded Google documents in some pages of this text.
  3. You are welcome to share an activity for inclusion in this text!




This page contains language from Open Education Adaptation Guide by Lauri M. Aesoph, which is used under a CC BY 4.0 International Licence. You may download this book for free at

  1. An open creation is an original work that is progress, but publicly viewable and openly licensed.


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