Getting Started With Pressbooks at UW

Our our Pressbooks network, we currently have H5P, Hypothesis, and a handful of other plugins installed and available for general use. At the beginning of 2018, we had nearly 200 active book projects on our production server, and are continually testing new features on our development instance.

If you’re affiliated with the University of Wisconsin-Madison and would like to use Pressbooks to create an open textbook or other learning material, please contact the Learn@UW-Madison Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting team at Feel free to also email if you’re looking for someone to ask specific questions about Pressbooks.

Consultation Services

  • Help authors decide what textbook project is right for their pedagogical needs: adopting, adapting, or creating a text from scratch.
  • Provide training in Pressbooks, Image Sourcing, and H5P.
  • Provide technical support for Pressbooks and plugins (H5P, Hypothesis, etc.)
  • Provide advice and support connecting a Pressbooks project with a Canvas course.
  • Introduce authors to communities to crowdsource help for textbook projects.



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