Developing Your Web Presence: Introduction

University and private-sector employers increasingly utilize the internet to vet potential employees. Thus for graduate students, cultivating a web presence that is professional, informative, and positive, is ever more essential for securing employment after graduate school.  There are a number of steps for establishing a “professional web presence.” These range from simply taking down public pictures of you at the last party all the way to curating your own website. This e-guide will explain the process of online image curation, explain how to showcase your professional qualifications online, and offer tips on website creation.

If you don’t have time to read the entire guide, check out the enclosed single-sheet PDF that contains most of the highlights. Click to open PDF


Learning Objectives

Upon completing this guide, you will know how to . . .

  • Take control of your web presence
  • Promote your professional qualifications online more effectively
  • Build a well-designed website with minimal effort



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