This module will introduce you to the basics of course assessment and examine different ways in which you might use Desire 2 Learn’s quiz function in your course.[1]

The D2L Quiz feature offers you an easy way to construct student assessments.  The tool is highly customizable and provides a great variety of various assessment options from which you can select.  Yet, D2L’s quiz feature is but a tool, and serves no purpose if not wielded towards a specific end-goal, such as maximizing student learning.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module you will know how to

  • Distinguish between formative and summative assessments.
  • Design exams that track class progress and adapt course material to student learning.
  • Build an exam in Desire 2 Learn.
  • Enable automatic grading of a Quiz and how to link to a grade item.
  • Create assessment activities to maximize active and high-order learning.
  • Find additional sources from which to learn more about assessment.

  1. Desire 2 Learn is also known as D2L and on campus is sometimes referred to as Learn@UW


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