After the Interview

Immediate Follow-Up

Promptly send an email or handwritten thank you note to each interviewer you met with during the interview process. Briefly reiterate your interest in the position and organization, as well as your qualifications. Also, include something personal from the interview to refresh their memory about what you discussed (i.e., having graduated from the same college or university as the interviewer). Making it personal goes a long way in helping you remain a top candidate. See below for a sample follow-up email.

Additional Follow-Up

Sometimes the hiring process can take longer than expected, so it is acceptable to follow up if they gave you a timeline for when they anticipated making a decision and that timeline has passed. Simply contact the employer, express your continued interest in the position, and inquire about the status of the search. Do not ask if the job is yours or contact the employer before a decision was supposed to have been made. Be patient, as these things can take some time. The internal hiring process can vary greatly depending on the organization. Regardless of how long the process takes, the employer should eventually contact you with a hiring decision.


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