Effective communication is essential for student success. Students need to know assignment due dates, course learning objectives, instructor contact information, and how to locate course readings and assignments. Effective course communication leads to students who have an increased sense of course accountability, greater investment in course material, and who achieve higher learning outcomes.

The best instructors provide student access to this information across multiple methods of delivery, and repeats it throughout the semester.

This short training course will introduce you to the basics of effective classroom communication. It will also provide access to outside learning resources.

You will be able to identify the following, after completing this course:

Learning Objectives

  1. The importance of a well-designed syllabus to establish course goals and expectations, and how you can ensure student access to and mastery of it.
  2. How the online calendar can be utilized to improve the likelihood of assignment completion and decrease student apprehension.
  3. How you can employ the news feed to increase student accountability, reduce student anxiety, and cut the time wasted during face-to-face instruction.
  4. How the classlist feature can facilitate course communication and track student progress.
  5. How to employ intelligent agents and string replace codes to increase student interest and satisfaction in the course.


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