Theme 2: Use Good Problems

8 8: Just-in-Time and On-Demand — Let them learn when ready

With the JUST-IN-TIME and ON-DEMAND principle, Gee describes how learners struggle when given large quantities of information without context or obvious application. He argues that information should be provided upon request such that learners are prepared to take up the information and have some use for it that makes it valuable as opposed to overwhelming.

JUST-IN-TIME & ON-DEMAND strategies in teaching

  • Make resources available 24/7, so you are not the only resource for students. Encourage students to use and share external resources.
  • Build a climate where students are empowered and rewarded for helping each other learn, answering each others’ questions, and sharing learning strategies and content expertise.
  • Use structured reading tools with rollover text and links that further explain difficult concepts.
  • Provide (and encourage students to create and share) multiple forms of representation (see UDL), so students have ready-access to alternate explanations that may better connect with their prior knowledge and learning preferences.
  • Add a few strategies that might work in your course, and see others’ ideas here.

JUST-IN-TIME & ON-DEMAND strategies in Canvas

  • Take time early in the class to show students how to navigate Canvas. Continue to provide tips on navigation and/or use of your course platform as you introduce new elements.
  • Provide hints and feedback in quizzes, so if students answer correctly they are reinforced, and if they answer incorrectly, they can learn.
  • Set up Piazza or Discussion forums for students to ask and answer questions for each other. Credit students for answering each others’ questions.
  • Introduce needed skills for final assessment early and consistently (provide instructions relevant to task)
  • Add a few strategies that might work in your course, and see others’ ideas here.

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