Сергей Хрущёв: Заключение

Congratulations! You have completed Capstone Lesson 1.

Supplementary activities:

1. Read more from Sergei Khrushchev’s writings. Find one of his books in Russian («Пенсионер союзного значения», «Никита Хрущев: кризисы и ракеты: взгляд изнутри», «Заговор», «Рождения сверхдержавы: книга об отце») or search for an article written by him or an interview with him on the internet. Find out some of his views on other topics and report on them to your class.

2. Find out what some of Nikita Khrushchev’s other children’s and grandchildren’s views about Nikita Khrushchev are. His daughter Rada Adzhubei and his granddaughter Nina Khrushcheva have given interviews. Compare their views with Sergei Khrushchev’s.

3. Work through the other RAILS Capstone Lessons.


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