Capstone Lesson 2: Интервью с Сергеем Ениколоповым

Sergei EnikolopovLesson Description:

This is one of the “capstone” RAILS lessons, an opportunity for you to practice the listening skills and strategies that you learned in previous RAILS lessons, and demonstrate your improved Russian listening proficiency. The capstone lessons offer neither Listening Assistant nor interactive exercises with answers. Rather, the lesson consists of four video clips from an interview with Sergei Enikolopov, Head of the Department of Clinical Psychology, Center for Psychological Health, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The listening you will do in this lesson mimics real-world listening contexts, without the learning tools and aids embedded throughout all the other RAILS lessons.

What You Will Learn:

You will learn about the criminal history of Russia, including changes in the rates and types of crime in different historical periods. You will also learn about crime among young people, and about the impact of the war in Chechnya on Russian society. Finally, you will learn about Enikolopov’s view on how the current situation might be improved in the future.

Learning Tips:

This is your chance to apply all that you have learned in the RAILS lessons to new, challenging material. Try to use successful strategies that you have learned in previous lessons: listen for the main idea and important supporting details, don’t get stuck trying to understand every word, use contextual clues to fill in the gaps where you don’t understand, and take notes.

pages Number of pages: 4
clock Estimated completion time: 1 hour




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