Capstone Lesson 5: Интервью с Александром Асмоловым

Aleksandr AsmolovLesson Description:

This is the last of the RAILS Capstone Lessons, an opportunity for you to practice the listening skills and strategies that you learned in previous RAILS lessons, and demonstrate your improved Russian listening proficiency. The capstone lessons offer no help from the Помощник, or from Подсказкa or Лексика or feedback. This lesson consists of five video clips from an interview with Aleksandr Asmolov, a Professor and Head of the Department of Psychology and Personality in the Faculty of Psychology at Moscow State University.

What You Will Learn:

You will learn about recent changes in the Russian educational system. You will learn about Asmolov’s opinions about some of the risks involved in those changes and what Asmolov hopes to see happen in education in Russia in the future.

Learning Tips:

Asmolov often gives interesting examples and uses unusual metaphors to illustrate his points. Try understanding his main points first and then go back and see how his examples and metaphors fit into his argument.

pages Number of pages: 5
clock Estimated completion time: 1-2 hours




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