Teaching With This Text: The Technical Details

For Instructors: Cloning or Remixing This Text

Creating a “Clone” in Pressbooks

If your institution has Pressbooks, you can make a duplicate version of this project to adapt as you like! For instance, you might add entirely different primary and secondary source readings or invite your students to write explanatory essays for a class volume of your own. For instructions on how to do this, visit the Pressbooks User Guide chapter on Book Cloning.

Depending on your institution’s contract, you may even be able to enable a source comparison function that allows others to see what you’ve changed when you made your own version of the text.

Copying Material Elsewhere

If you don’t have access to a Pressbooks network or simply prefer not to use it, you are welcome to copy-paste the material from this text into another platform–(for instance, you might recreate this text as a series of modules in Canvas or create a free WordPress site that duplicates the material.) You can do so by copy/pasting content from the web book or from one of the export formats. (If you’re comfortable with a bit of html, using the XHTML export may allow you to preserve some of the header/styling information most efficiently.)

If you’re copying material outside of Pressbooks, you’ll need to take an extra step to replicate some of the interactive H5P activities in the web version of this project. First, you’ll need to see whether the format you’re using will support H5P activity embeds. (For instance, as of 2018, while there is an H5P plugin compatible with many learning management systems like Canvas, not all institutions have enabled this plugin.) If you are using a medium that will support H5P avtivities, you can use the embed code associated with each individual H5P activity in this text to copy-paste the activity into your own text. You might also choose to download the files associated with individual H5P activities in this book and adapt them for your own purposes by cloning them to an H5P account of your own.


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