Unit 1 Academic Skills Introduction

11 In-Depth Reading

In-Depth Reading

Exploratory reading allows you to increase your background knowledge about a topic. But in-depth reading requires you to read for a narrower purpose, in order to understand the concepts or arguments of a text. This type of reading is also referred to as “focused reading” or “deep reading.”

In-depth reading is used to:

  • gain a deeper understanding of a text.
  • research detailed information for an assignment.
  • read difficult sections of a text.

For example, when using a research question to guide your reading, try to find answers to your research question, to make your reading efforts more focused and purposeful.

Can I use AI for in-depth reading?

AI can support your reading during exploratory and in-depth reading. Use prompts that are specific, narrowed, and focused as you seek understanding of key concepts, historical and cultural contexts, and and examples. Keep a record of the types of prompts you use to engage and interact with a text so that you can use them again and again.


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