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This Pressbook has been designed for students enrolled in the ESL 117 Academic Writing I course at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. We recognize that you are likely coming to this course with experience writing in your own language and in English. Such experience is a good foundation we will build on to help you become a more confident and successful writer.

The information and knowledge check activities in this Pressbook complement the quizzes and assignments you will complete within the Canvas Learning Management System for this course. Although the knowledge check activities in this Pressbook are ungraded, you should complete all tasks throughout in order to build your understanding of the fundamentals of university level academic writing.

Welcome to ESL 117!

Here are some answers to questions you might have about ESL 117.

What is the purpose of ESL 117?

  • ESL 117 teaches you how to work with sources and use them in your writing. You will gain the skills and confidence to use information from sources in your own writing while avoiding plagiarism.

Will ESL 117 help me in ESL 118?

  • Absolutely! The skills you learn in ESL 117 will be further developed and expanded upon in ESL 118. In fact, students who complete ESL 117 tend to do well in ESL 118.

Will ESL 117 help me in my other course work?

  • Yes! The skills from this course are transferable to any course in which you will complete reading and writing assignments. Many 117 students have reported that 117 has helped them successfully complete writing assignments for other courses.

UW-Madison is very serious about supporting international students throughout their academic careers. The Program in ESL strives to provide students with the academic and language support to succeed. Your teacher looks forward to helping you develop yourself as a writer and as a student throughout this course. 


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