Heritage Memorialized



Decorated by Patricia Edmundson, 1991
Wood (maple), paint
Gift of Patricia Edmundson
MHAHS 1991.047.0001

Created in 1991, this bowl commemorates and memorializes the life of Richard “Dick” Horn and was dedicated at the 25th season of Mount Horeb’s annual play, The Song of Norway. The play presented a fictional account of Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg and drew widely from local and professional actors and craftsmen. It also attracted visitors from throughout the region. Horn served as a board member for both The Song of Norway and the Mount Horeb Area Historical Society. The phrase “The Biggest Happiness One Can Have is To Make Another Happy” appears along the outer rim of this Telemark rosemaled wooden bowl. Translated from Norwegian, the lettering is delicately painted in white, utilizing a stylized Gothic print.


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