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Door (Armoire)

Door (Armoire) Door (Armoire)
Maker unknown; decoration attributed to Per Lysne, c.1930
Wood, paint
Little Norway Collection, Gift of Beth Burke
MHAHS 2016.043.0001

Isaak Dahle, the grandson of Norwegian immigrants and the founder of Little Norway, commissioned artists and workers to complete his vision of the Norwegian pioneering spirit. This door, which came from the “Bachelor’s Cabin” on the property, was made for an armoire and reflects a sense of immigrant resourcefulness and frugality. Though unconfirmed, the sophisticated style points to Per Lysne, the so-called father of American rosemaling. Olaf Colberson, Little Norway’s mural painter, is another possible artist. No matter who created the pattern, the rosemaling welcomes you into a world of Norwegian heritage.


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