Heritage Memorialized


Mini-Dress Dress
Oljanna Cunneen, late 1960s
Gift of Nancy Vogel
MHAHS 1990.014.0003


This mini dress made by Oljanna Cunneen for Nancy Vogel in 1970 merges ethnic folk tradition and contemporary fashion. The most distinct feature of the rust colored bonded wool dress is the multi-colored rosemaled design of crewel embroidery ornamenting the neck and hemlines. The A-line mini-dress style, with modish lines and raised hems, had rocked the fashion world and Vogel’s choice to include Norwegian design demonstrates her personal identity and business savvy at her Mount Horeb store, Open House Imports. When compared to the bunad costume made by Irene Gilbertson, both women used tradition—but quite differently.


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