Made in America with Foreign Parts


Aslak Olsen Lie, c.1860
Wood (pine), glass, metal
Gift of Ella Mavis
MHAHS 1984.011.0001


Diamonds were a hallmark of the furniture-maker Aslak Olsen Lie (pronounced LEE), appearing across the many styles of his work. Lie was born in Norway and spent the first thirty years of his career there. When he emigrated, he brought with him the skills and thinking of a mature craftsman. Lie’s family was one of the first Norwegian families to settle in the Blue Mounds region. He quickly adapted to making both American and Norwegian styles of furniture. The Norwegian cut-out ends on this stepback cupboard show how Lie would also mix those styles. The result was furniture that is distinctly Norwegian-American.

Compare the unusual interior decoration of this cupboard with that of the traveling box in the previous area of this exhibit.

Aslak Olsen Lie (second adult from right) poses with family members in front of the home he built with his brother after immigrating from Norway in 1848. WISCONSIN HISTORICAL SOCIETY, WHS-27635.


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