Trolltown, USA

Promotional Sign (Painting on Plywood)

Promotional Sign (Painting on Plywood)
Oljanna Cunneen, c. 1984
Plywood, paint
Gift of Mount Horeb Area Chamber of Commerce
MHAHS 2003.116.0003

Who best to greet visitors to the “Troll Capital of the World” than a smiling, one-toothed, white haired troll? Painted on plywood by Oljanna Cunneen, this double sided, four toed troll served as a promotional piece along Main Street. With a crowned girl tucked into his hair and a bird perched on his hands, this dapper fellow reflects both Cunneen’s sense of humor and her tireless promotion of the area’s Norwegian-American identify. More than a dozen of these plywood cutouts once adorned Mount Horeb’s Main Street, dubbed the “Trollway” in the mid- to late-1980s.


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