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Quizlet Embed

What Is Quizlet?

Quizlet allows users to produce, share, and search for flashcards. In addition to this, the site allows students to determine how they want to be tested.  At a February 2018 U-Class event at UW-Madison, students described Quizlet as a particularly popular study resource. They spoke about incorporating these formative assessment activities into their everyday study routines and collaborating to create study sets. Many students download the Quizlet mobile app and use this app to review course materials on-the-go.

Two Examples of Embedded Quizlet Activities

Note: While the majority of the materials in this sourcebook are openly licensed, this embedded quiz is the product of contributors to the Quizlet website, and thus, the pictured materials in this quiz may be subject to copyright restrictions. 

Potential Uses and Relevant Considerations

Many students already produce and share Quizlet study resources with their peers. Instructors might invite students who have created course flashcards to share these materials more widely. 

  • Providing a means for students to share the study materials they are already producing by embedding these materials into your Pressbook may be a useful short-term strategy. However, you’ll need to consider other ways of maintaining these resources and obtaining permissions for student-created content if you hope to reuse or share this material outside of an individual course.

Instructors who know that a large number of students in their course use the app on their own may consider creating their own course-specific Quizlet sets and embedding these quizzes into a course Pressbook. 

  • An advantage of this approach: students who use Quizlet as primary study resource might incorporate these instructor-produced materials into their already-established study regimens. Students could interact with Quizlet activities in a Pressbooks iframe, but they might also be motivated to add these same question sets to the study materials many already consult on a regular basis using the Quizlet mobile app.

Some disadvantages of creating embedded Quizlet sets:

  • Many H5P activities may offer a better option for textbooks intended to persist outside of an individual course context. H5P formative assessment tools such as multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank activities may be more stable, reliable, and replicable than Quizlet activities embedded in an iframe.
  • Like many iframe-based activities, an embedded Quizlet activity won’t function in an Epub or PDF format. If you know that some of your students will be accessing your text off of the web, make sure you’ve incorporated a graceful fallback option such as a link or QR code into your Epub/PDF export formats.

How to Import Quizlet Activities With the H5P Iframe Embedder


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