Web-Only Content and H5P Iframe Applications


As with all web-only iframe content, there are some caveats to consider before you incorporate this content into a course or textbook. This page includes workflow suggestions that may help instructors use Siftr for student engagement during a course’s run and subsequently convert student-contributed content into a more stable, print-friendly format at the end of the semester.

What Is Siftr?

Siftr allows users to post photographs associated with specific locations on a map.  During past years, the UW-Madison Active Teaching Lab has discussed Sifter on two occasions. To learn more, visit Margene Anderson’s Siftr Overview and Cathy Middlecamp’s Siftr Overview

Examples of Embedded Siftr Activities

Cathy Middlecamp shared this Siftr page of UW-Madison campus
wildlife during her 2015 Active Teaching Lab discussion. 

Note: While the majority of the materials in this sourcebook are openly licensed, this embedded resource is the product of contributors to the Siftr website, and thus, the embedded materials in this activity may be subject to copyright restrictions. 

Use Considerations

Siftr may be a useful resource for instructors who would like to include students in a collaborative activity during the semester, but embedded Siftr maps should be viewed as short-term, web-only resources rather than long-term components to include in a text. As with all other iframe content that is hosted on a third-party platform, it’s not guaranteed that your media content or embedded address will remain stable over time.

It’s best to have a plan for how to convert the materials your students have gathered into a more stable and/or print-friendly format after your initial activity is complete. The next page in this sourcebook provides an example of this process in action.



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