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You’ve finished the book Congratulations! We hope that this text¬†provided you with several enticing invitations to explore various approaches to active learning and reimagine your own teaching and learning practices, in ways both large and small.

One of our major goals in delivering this content was to demonstrate that increasing your use of active learning in your teaching need not be either intimidating or so time-consuming that it feels prohibitive. We hope that you’ve identified and begun to use several low-risk, high-impact practices, and have renewed your commitment to increasing student engagement, building a dynamic learning environment, and facilitating meaningful learning directed toward significant learning outcomes.

As you’ve no doubt gathered, there are thousands of things that you could do to encourage active learning in your classes. It wouldn’t surprise us if you’re reading this and wondering “Where do I go from here?” If you didn’t take the opportunity to engage with all of our resources and activities, we’d suggest that as a good place to begin. If you’ve already formed tentative plans to implement active learning activities in a lecture redesign, or even to introduce large-scale changes to an entire module, course, or program, and would like to talk through your ideas, we’d love to invite you to schedule a consultation with support staff.

First, if you are employed within UW-Madison’s College of Letters & Science, we (L&S Learning Support Services) would love to consult with you. Please contact us with any active learning questions, activity or course design plans, or for other general instructional technology & support questions.

If you don’t work within the College of Letters and Science, please refer to this list of instructional technology support staff across campus to find your support unit.


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