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15 Final Project: The Small Mundane Presentation


Movie-making is often described as a linear process, ending broadly with post-production. The reality is much more cyclical, where the results of production are tested in the editing suite and then re-imagined and refigured back on location where once again the results may send the maker back to the beginning. The cyclical revisions seen in digital filmmaking are yet further examples of what happens in drafting, prototyping, modeling, and storyboarding (to name a few). Furthermore, one unique aspect of modern digital filmmaking is that it’s now technically possible to experiment while editing. Prior to digital editing the expense and labor of analog editing made the prospect of playing around with the raw material quite impossible.

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The final project: The Small Mundane Presentation is designed to be several degrees removed from the subjects you normally teach. You should feel free to experiment and revise as you wish, provided you stay within the constraints of the following instructions:

  • Identify a topic that you pretty much know by heart
  • Restrict the topic to a mundane subject
  • Restrict the final duration to no more than 30 seconds
  • If using still images, use no more than 10 distinct images
  • Write a script of each of the steps as you’d like them to be heard by your viewer.
  • Record narration as needed to produce the clearest description possible.

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  • Export/Share the presentation to Youtube

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