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Thank you for participating in this session of L&S Learning Support Services’ online workshop series, “Teaching With Technology.” In the following short opening, you’ll meet one of your facilitators, Theresa Pesavento, and get acquainted with the outline of the upcoming module on the exciting topic of online discussions.

Before we dive in, take a moment to consider the uniqueness of online learning. For instance, while we believe most of you will be joining us from here in Madison, Wisconsin, we also know that you may be participating from places near and far, using the power of the internet. In this light, we hope that by providing a brief look at our ‘place’ in and around Van Hise Hall, we are offering a useful context for our culture and geography. And we hope to hear from you as we move through the course–about the topic at hand, of course, and also a little bit about your own place on campus or on your side of the world.


Why did we chose online discussions as a topic? Online discussions certainly aren’t cutting edge, but they are often a very useful way to meet our learning goals, and are therefore an important tool for us to use effectively. Online discussions are not only a good entry point for someone who would like to try a mini version of a “blended” classroom environment, but they are also a good way to promote student collaboration and knowledge building, to build writing skills, to create a positive classroom environment, and to ask students to engage with various media and instructional materials and resources outside of the dedicated in-class time.

Throughout the workshop, we hope to illustrate the many dynamics at play in an online discussion activity by sharing resources and experiences. Let’s start now by getting to know a bit more about each other. Please complete the poll below to so we have a snapshot of our collective experience with online discussions. After submitting your response, click “See previous responses” to see the results.

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