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13 Mobile Production and the Step-by-Step Video

Recall the article from the first chapter of this section about designing video for instruction. That article illustrates how to match a desired outcome to a video genre. For example, instructors wanting students to perform a specific set of tasks can use a step-by-step video.

Considering the article, I used the following video called Alone in the Wilderness as an example of a step-by-step video. While it didn’t give every step and I had to consult a number of other sources, it did get me started. I used an iPad to document the process. There are many lessons I took away from the experience, including the realization that accompanying the video with a voice-over would improve the video’s effectiveness as a teaching tool.

3-modesA Observe & Consider

Alone in the Wilderness

Watch until 2:44 (the end of the spoon segment).

Adaptation: Making a Redwood Spoon

Apps in use:

  • iPad2 Camera/Videocamera
  • Stopmotion App
  • iMovie for iOS

Media Attributions

  • 3-modesB


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