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The heart of any media arts production is the collection of materials that are designed around a central idea. Materials might include audio, video, graphics, animation, photography–virtually anything that can been seen or heard. Yet before any materials can be edited they have to be created, often in the real world. Production can be both messy and a lot of hard work, but also exihilarating.

An area that’s developing quickly is that of mobile multimedia production. Mobile hardware and software are coming together such that production and post-production can happen on the same device, like the iPad. The following short videos guide you through an example workflow.

Example 1: Language Production Activity

Consider the following use of mobile media production. The production is fairly traditional (video shots, voiceover audio) but the total production time was about two hours. The activity emulates a traditional in-class language performance (skit), where the spoken production of language within a cultural framework is the goal.

Workflow using iMovie for iOS

Editing can happen on-the-spot and influences the creative process. The following how-to guide describes the use of iMovie for iOS.

Apps in Use:

  • iMovie for iOS
  • Luma with iPad camera/videocamera

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