Using the Hypothesis Annotation Pane

Comment in the margins

To contribute a comment in the margins of this guidebook, highlight a section of this page. You will see two options pop up next to your selection:

image of the hypothesis dropdown pane, which features the option to annotate or highlight text

Click “Annotate!” If you don’t have a account, you’ll be prompted to make one. (This is free.) Once you’ve entered your email and logged in, enter your comment, and then click “post to public.”

Hide the annotation pane

This right-hand annotation pane will appear by default, but should disappear when you click on any unhighlighted text within the main reading window. To hide or resize the annotation window, click the arrow icon to the left of the globe icon that says “Public.”

Screencap of the left-hand corner of the annotation pane. A red arrow points to the icon used to resize or hide the annotation pane.

To see other comments once you have hidden the Hypothesis pane, click on any yellow-highlighted text on the screen.