A. D. Carson (Clemson U)

Owning My Masters: The Rhetorics of Rhymes and Revolutions – (2017)

Affiliation:  Rhetorics, communication and information design, Clemson University

Dr. A. D. Carson’s project

A. D. Carson’s project combines rap, audiovisual media (including produced videos and recorded interviews).


A. D. Carson - Screenshot of Genius lyrics page featuring Carson's album art

Carson also includes text transcriptions of his research in his Lyrics page. Notably, the platform he uses to share these lyrics is Genius, a music-focused site that invites public participation through annotation. This invitation to public interaction is something that enables ongoing conversation about Carson’s work and also allows him to respond to that discussion.


Image of an annotation on Carson's Dissertation Introduction page on Genius.com


Carson includes a section on his composition process that details both his own approach to writing music and the way that racially insensitive programming at Clemson University shaped his experience of being a graduate student at Clemson and of writing his dissertation. Carson’s project thus reflects on the ways in which broader institutions shape the form and content of his scholarship.

He also invites his audience to reflect on his project’s relationship to broader events and conversations by in his timeline of campus and community events. In Carson’s words, this includes “selected events from each semester and links to corresponding media, including the reading list and the corresponding mixtape I wrote and recorded for each term.”