Alternative Dissertation Proposal Precis


Instead of producing a traditional, four-chapter dissertation, I propose to convert the three chapters I have written for my project into an alternative dissertation format. Specifically, I propose to create an online Open Educational Resource. To do so would accomplish several goals:

The process of generating a dissertation project is as important as the products that Ph.D. candidates produce over the years. This alternative dissertation project would allow me to prioritize, refine, and demonstrate the following skills and values:

  • The ability to connect my research to my teaching. My proposed format connects to this broader goal both because of its affiliation with broader open education and open scholarship initiatives and through the series of pedagogical materials I seek to incorporate into this project.
  • A commitment to inclusive forms of writing, research, and teaching. As I write and revise this dissertation, I intend to learn about and observe Universal Design best practices.


Interacting With This Text

I have created this proposal document as a way to articulate my goals both for myself and for members of my committee.

This Pressbook is rife with hyperlinks for a reason: it’s not my intention to ask anyone to read this document in its entirety. Instead, I hope that people interacting with this text will wander non-sequentially, digging deeper as the hyperlinks answer questions they may have for me, and then leave as they wish. You can also find a Table of Contents drop-down pane on the left-hand side of your screen.

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