Цензура: Заключение

Congratulations! You have completed Lesson 3.

Questions for further discussion:

1. Почему важно знать историю цензуры в России до революции?

2. Что означала цензура для Смехова и Театра на Таганке?

3. Какими способами Любимов и другие спасали спектакли в Театре на Таганке?

4. Почему иногда считают, что Владимир Путин возвращается к советской модели власти?

5. Как вы думаете, опасна ли цензура в России в настоящее время?

Supplementary activities:

1. Think about the following: During Soviet times, theater met the thirst for “truth”, filling the gap caused by the lack of a free press. After glasnost, the press gained independence and took over, causing a crisis in the theater world and a search for a new identity. It will be interesting to see whether the theater will regain some of its previous status under the increasing censorship in Russia, and will hark back to communicating through the highly complex signifying theatrical system of pre-perestroika.

2. To learn more about censorship in Russia in recent years, you may want to research Kirill Serebrennikov and the Gogol Center or the Fomenko Theater.

3. You might want to research and compare the situation in Russia to something from your own culture. One example from American culture is the Mapplethorpe exhibit controversy.


You have completed the lesson series based on an interview with Вениамин Смехов.

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