Lesson 1: Театр на Таганке

The Taganka theaterLesson Description:

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This is the first lesson in a series of three based on excerpts from an interview with Veniamin Smekhov. The lesson consists of three parts: Таганка, Репертуар, and Заключение.

You will watch a video clip from the interview, read a text about the Taganka Theater, and learn about the importance of theater in Russian culture of this period.

You can find the Помощник and Словарь (Репертуар) at the end of the lesson for easy reference, but they are also available in the lesson in places where you are most likely to need them.

What You Will Learn:

You will learn some background information about cultural and political life in Russia during the time of stagnation, about the Taganka Theater, its director, and some of its actors; its repertoire.

Learning Tips:

Do not forget to apply what you know about literature, theater, politics, and society to your understanding of Russian culture. At the same time, however, keep in mind how working in a theater in the Soviet Union might have posed unique challenges.

pages Number of pages: 12
Estimated completion time: 1 hour




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