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по-русски English
антигуманизм antihumanism
вроде бы here: it seemed that
времена times; pl. of "время"
всё-таки all the same
выбор choice
вырабатываться to get worked up, to get developed
вырастать to grow, to emerge
долгий long
драматургия dramatic art, plays, drama
жестокий cruel
застой (political) stagnation
знаменитый famous
значит so, well, then
изгнать to banish, to expel, to oust
имена names; pl. of "имя"
искусство art
классика the classics
как правило as a rule
назвать to name, to call
направленный directed
на самом деле indeed, actually, in fact
настоящее here: the present (as opposed to: the past)
начальник boss, chief
несмотря на in spite of
особенный special, peculiar
особый special, peculiar
откровение revelation
побеждать to win, to dominate
подтекст hidden meaning, subtext
поставить here: to stage
постановка here: performance, production
при in the time of, under (the rule of)
прозаик fiction writer
прошлое the past (as opposed to: the present)
резко sharply
репертуар repertoire
роль part, role
рубрика rubric
спектакль performance, production
удивлять to surprise
цензура censorship
чувство feeling


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