Великодержавный шовинизм в России

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Цель: Узнать об этнических конфликтах в современной России.

Задание: Прочитайте текст об этнических конфликтах в России. Знакомство с некоторыми терминами поможет вам при выполнении следуюших заданий.

Россия для русских white Russia graffiti

Ethnic conflict is a serious problem in Russia today. There are several neo-Nazi political parties now active in Russia. In recent years, skinheads (скинхеды) have been threatening violence, especially at markets (рынки), where traditionally much of the produce is sold by people from the Caucasus (с Кавказа). Sometimes they are called ‘people of a Caucasian nationality’ (лица кавказской национальности), ‘people of color’ (цветные) or ‘those who are not from here’ (приезжие). The terminology used about this problem, however, is controversial. What some consider racism (расизм) is thought by others to be xenophobia (ксенофобия), nationalism (национализм), or nationalistic feeling (националистическое настроение). In Russian, the term chauvinism (шовинизм) does not refer mainly to gender as it does in English, but to an extreme form of nationalism. Another important term is великодержавный шовинизм, which refers to the conflict between a nationality that dominates a particular country (like the Russians do in the Russian Federation) and minority nationalities within that country.


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