Женщины в России: Заключение

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Supplementary activities:

1. Read a short story of a contemporary Russian author and analyze the gender roles in that story. Some suggestions: Виктория Токарева «Зигзаг», Юлия Вознесенская «Женский декамерон», Людмила Улицкая «Веселые похороны», Татьяна Толстая «Поэт и муза», Светлана Василенко «Шамара».

2. Research a topic in Russian and Soviet women’s history such as those listed on the page «История женского вопроса в XX-ом веке» and write a paper or give a presentation about it. Some examples: развод, аборт, матери-героини, феминизм.

3. Research what different images of Soviet and Russian women and men were popular in different time periods in Russian and Soviet history. You might try by looking at propaganda posters. How do they reflect the values of their respective time periods?

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