Проблемы равенства: Заключение

Congratulations! You have completed Lesson 2.

Supplementary activities:

1. Watch a Russian film and analyze the gender roles in that film. Some suggestions: «Возвращение» (The Return), «Частная жизнь» (Private Life), «Ребро Адама» (Adam’s Rib), «Москва слезам не верит» (Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears), «Фонтан» (The Fountain), «Отец и сын» (Father and Son), «Мать и сын» (Mother and Son), «Мама вышла замуж» (Mama Married).

2. Search on the internet for news stories or opinions about the roles of men and women in contemporary Russian society. Report on one of them to your class. You can use the Russian search engines www.yandex.ruwww.rambler.ru.

3. Find on the internet a recording of the song «Такого как Путин» by the group Поющие Вместе. You can probably find several versions on YouTube. The chorus of the song expresses the group’s wish to find a man like Putin. It consists of the words:

Такого, как Путин — полного сил,
Такого, как Путин, чтобы не пил,
Такого, как Путин, чтоб не обижал,
Такого, как Путин, чтоб не убежал.

Write an essay about what you think the song reveals about gender stereotypes in Russia today.

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