Национальный вопрос: Заключение

Congratulations! You have completed Lesson 4.

Supplementary activities:

1. Search or browse for another poll on the website bd.fom.ru about a social issue facing Russia. Some suggestions: drugs and alcohol, pornography, divorce. Report the results to your teacher or your class.

2. Listen to the song «Не состоялось» by Vladimir Vysotsky. You may be able to find it on Spotify. Write what you think the song says about the nationality section of the passport and about nationality in general.

3. Search on the Internet for more peoples’ thoughts about the nationality section that used to be in the Russian passport (try searching пятая графа or пятый пункт). Summarize the different opinions that you find. Do you think those opinions are representative of people living in the Russian Federation as a whole? Why or why not?

4. Go back to the page «Расизм в России». Listen to some or all of the opinions again. Try to classify the respondents by their definition of racism. Try to articulate the differences between the different people in their definitions of the terms racism, nationalism, and chauvinism.


You have completed the lesson series based on an interview with Мария Тендрякова.

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