Эра Путина: Заключение

Congratulations! You have completed Lesson 4.

Supplementary activity:
Find recent articles analyzing President Putin’s reforms. In your search you might want to use the following phrases and sentences:

реформы Путина сегодня
результаты реформ
последствия реформ
к чему привели реформы Путина
что думают россияне о реформах

Based on the information that you found, answer the following questions:
1. What is Russia’s current economic situation?
2. Do the people of Russia approve or disapprove of the reforms?
3. Do the reforms contribute to the consolidation of power?
4. What did the reforms lead to?
5. Is another revolution possible in Russia?
6. Did Russia join the WTO?


You have completed the lesson series based on an interview with Ирина Хакамада.

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