Борьба за власть: Заключение

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Supplementary activity:

Boris Yeltsin is the author of several autobiographical and political books, most of which have been translated into English and can be found in libraries throughout the United States. Find any of the following books by Boris Yeltsin (in English or in Russian).

1. «Исповедь на заданную тему» (Against the Grain)
2. «Записки президента» (Struggle for Russia)
3. «Президентский марафон» (Midnight Diaries)

Find out what whether Yeltsin writes about any of the following: his 1996 election campaign, relations with oligarchs or with Vladimir Putin. Discuss in class how Yeltsin presents these events: is he being analytical or descriptive in his judgments? Why do you feel this is so? How is his perspective different from or similar to that of Irina Khakamada?

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