Binadamu, an interactive video course, was designed with the intermediate Swahili learner in mind, but it can be tailored to fit the needs of the novice or advanced learner. It is based on the Swahili web series, Binadamu, which follows the lives of three brothers in the Mt. Kilimanjaro area. The story explores how far we will go to pursue our deepest desires, and what cost are we willing to pay?

The units in this course are divided according to the 12 episodes of the web series. Each unit begins by watching the episode (Swahili subtitles are available if you need them). When you watch an episode for the first time, try not to focus on understanding every single word and grammatical structure used, instead pay attention to the bigger story. The activities that follow the video will help break down the grammar, characters, vocabulary, and cultural aspects of the story. Be sure to utilize the grammar lessons, interactive quizzes, and vocabulary flashcards to maximize your learning!



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