Wisconsin Climate Impacts

Climate Map – Future Impacts


Now that you have some familiarity using the climate map, please complete the following and recording your answers in your word document:

For 2046-2065:

  1. Choose a city, perhaps your hometown.
  2. Choose the earlier of the two time periods in the top center drop-down box (2046-2065). ‘
  3. Choose a future emissions scenario in the top left drop-down box.
  4. Write down your choices in the Word document you already opened.
  5. Describe how you think the climate might be different at your chosen location based on its future proxy.

For 2081-2100:

  1. Using the same selections for town and emissions scenario, but choose the later time period (2081-2100).
  2. In your Word document, describe how you think the climate in your selected town may be different in 70-90 years based on its proxy in that time period.
  3. In preparation for each of the future periods you viewed, how do you think the location might need to adapt?


Climate Change: Vulnerability, Mitigation, and Adaptation Copyright © by Matt Turner. All Rights Reserved.