Wisconsin Climate Impacts

Project Reminder


On the last page you had to make some guesses and estimates about what proxies suggested about on-the-ground impacts. Now you will take a look at actual, predicted impacts on the economy, recreation and other aspects of life in Wisconsin.

In class you will be using this information to create your own analysis of and response to climate change in Wisconsin.

Coming back to the assignment outlined on page 1:

Recall that you are completing an analysis of how climate changes in Wisconsin will affect the state’s economy, wildlife, recreation and quality of life, and you are expected to come up with recommendations to a state panel. The state panel will want to hear your expert opinion on what needs to be done here in Wisconsin, and why. Should we make state government changes? Create local incentives? Provide information to homeowners? In short, what are the best approaches? Make sure you are clear about the approach you would plan to use (Through government? Through formal or informal education? Through improved infrastructure?).

In preparation for your recommendations, you should familiarize yourself with the impacts and recommended adaptations produced by the Wisconsin Initiative on Climate Change Impacts.


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