Wisconsin Climate Impacts


Start with this overview video, considering the following questions as you watch:

1. How have climate factors like temperature, precipitation and season-length changed in Wisconsin?

2. How are they predicted to change into the future?

You now have a good general idea of the trends Wisconsin has already experienced and will undergo in the future. With the slideshow below, you will start filling in the details. Open this Word document (link), and take careful notes on each of the past and expected changes. You will need to bring these notes with you to class to work with your group to analyze Wisconsin’s future.

To view the slideshow, first open the webpage by clicking here (or on the image below), and then click on the black button labeled “click to view slideshow” near the bottom right of the page. Once the slideshow opens, you will see red buttons (historical trends and future projections) on the right. Note that you need to take notes on the contents of each trend or projection. The Word document provides a table for your note-taking.



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