Wisconsin Climate Impacts

Topic Assignments

You should take notes on the two topics assigned to you. Make sure to write down your group number as well. Using the information in the links at the right side of the WICCI Working Groups web page, you should learn as much as you can about potential impacts and recommended adaptation strategies in Wisconsin. In class, you will work with other students who were assigned different topics to come up with a plan of action to recommend to the state panel mentioned at the beginning of this module. Feel free to do additional research if you feel that you need more information.

Use the Word document you have already opened to take your notes, and make sure to bring it with you to class.

In-class objective:

You will be able to apply what they know about Wisconsin’s expected climate changes and their impacts to suggest measures that municipalities, counties and the state should make to better prepare Wisconsin for its climatic future. You should be able to offer evidence and solid reasoning for your recommendations.


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