Climate Science Essentials

Finding Reliable Information on Climate Change

Where else can you get reliable information about climate change?

Unlike a lot of scientific information out there– say organic chemistry or human biology– there can be a lot (more) of misinformation about climate that parades as good, solid information. So, in the spirit of directing you to more reliable information, here are some additional websites about climate science. Clicking on an image of the image of the websites below will open them in a new browser tab. Also feel free to seek out your own sources, and, if you’re curious about the reputability, feel free to ask us!

The University Corporation for Academic Research and National Union for Atmospheric Research climate change education site


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency climate change website:


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate change overview:


The World Resources Institute climate data explorer:


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change main page (note that there is a lot of information here. One good place to start is the Summary for Policymakers from the new Fifth Assessment Report. More detailed information from the Fourth Assessment can be found by clicking the “Recent Reports” tab and clicking “Other Reports” near the bottom. Scroll down to find the Fourth Assesment Reports):


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