Екатерина Вторая: Заключение

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Supplementary activities:

1. Read a work of literature or watch a film in which Catherine appears as a character and consider how she is represented. Some literature examples: «Капитанская дочка» А. С. Пушкина; Some film examples: «Русский бунт» (The Captain’s Daughter), «Русский ковчег» (Russian Ark), «Царская охота» (The Royal Hunt).

2. Read more of Catherine the Great’s memoirs and find out more about her views.

3. Research some aspects of Catherine II’s reign and report about them to your class. Some ideas could be: the smallpox vaccination, the Pugachev uprising, Catherine’s correspondence with well-known Western European intellectuals, her literary works, her relationship with her husband, her relationship with her son.

4. Read more about Catherine II and Peter I in the textbook Advanced Russian Through History by Benjamin Rifkin and Olga Kagan. The texts in these chapters are written by Aleksandr Logunov. Compare what he writes in the textbook to what you have heard in the lesson.

5. Find out some alternative points of view of Catherine II.

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