Исторические деятели: Заключение

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Supplementary activities:

1. Research the image of another figure in Russian history and how it changed over time. Examples: Alexander II, Nicholas II, Stalin, Brezhnev

2. Look for polls on the Internet about what Russians think about other former or present Russian leaders. You can try the websites www.fom.ru or www.wciom.ru.

3. Learn about or watch some films that contain a portrayal of Lenin and compare how the films portray him. Russian films: «Октябрь» (1927) (Ten Days that Shook the World), «Ленин в октябре» (1937) (Lenin in October), «Человек с ружьем» (1938) (The Man with the Gun/The Man with the Rifle), «Ленин в 1918 году» (1939) (Lenin in 1918), «Рассказы о Ленине» (1957) (About Lenin), «Первый посетитель» (1965) (First Visitor), «Николай Подвойский (Страницы жизни)» (1987), «Под знаком скорпионом» (1995), «Вера, надежда, кровь» (2000) (Belief, Hope and Blood); English/American films: Nicholas and Alexandra (1971), Reds (1981)

4. Find more visual representations of Lenin and compare them to those that you have seen. You might also try finding some of Stalin. You can check by doing an image search on Google or Yandex.

5. Go to the site www.sovmusic.ru, and click on the section «Песни о Вождях». Listen to some of the songs about Stalin and analyze their ideological message.

6. Find some jokes on the Internet about Vladimir Lenin or Iosif Stalin and think about what aspect of the image of that figure the joke highlights.

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